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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The assignment

So together with Wan we shot the pictures for my assignment on March 11th (which reminds me I hadn't shown the last two pics). I thought I had to hand in the assignment before March 15th, but I found out that this was for people who want to do a course (which costs €600,- btw and when I called about it they suggested I should do that instead of only a test - yeah right...) but I didn't belong to that category, so I could hand it in before May 1st. So I was kind of relieved, since I wasn't fully satisfied with my letter of motivation and questionnaire.

The printer
I had already printed the pictures, but when I looked at the pictures again later on, I thought two of them could be better. I photoshopped them and printed... one... and there wasn't enough ink for the second one any more... my ink was empty - OH MY FRIGGIN GOD! But ink is so damn expensive (seriously, printers itself are cheaper than the ink itself nowadays...), so my mom told me an ex-co-worker of hers could print it for me with high quality - yay - not. At his work there was a problem with the network... and it took them two days to fix the problem and when it finally was printed the quality came out like crap! Are you kidding me? So yatiyatidaaa, I still had to buy ink and print it out myself. And I had to buy it with my own money (that was suppose to be for zipia T__T). Bought the ink and printed the last picture and letters. But I still needed a passport photograph, so yeah I have ink now, why not print it myself right? Wrong, first my printer couldn't read the paper (wth?) and then every time I gave the order to print, my printer wanted to print it out 3 times... one is enough, thank you. It took me like 30 minutes to print a ****** shit piece of picture that is only 45mm by 35mm.... (this all totally made me think of this, which is my point exactly XD)

The mail box
So after finally being done with the printing, I could at last put it on the mail. But to be sure to stamp it right, I went to the posting office. But on the way I found out I forgot my wallet, luckily the posting office it close. So I went back home and got my wallet. Then when I arrived at the posting office and pushed the button to open the door for 5 minutes like a moron, I looked at the door and saw it was closed since April 15th - it will become a bank.... I was kind off pissed of... So when I got home I thought whatever, I'll just put it in the mail box across the street....

So now I'm finally done with the assignment!!! Took me long enough... Now I can start studying for the test I should make - economics T____T``


scrumptious said...

lol so many dilemmas -pats-
ink does cost more than the printer! I had to buy some last week for mine too and it was ridiculous >_>
the skirt and dress are really pretty! good luck with the project, hope you pass ^_^

anjj said...

thankies XD <33333333333
lol yeah it's crazy (.__.") and since printers come with ink, maybe next time it's better to just buy a new printer instead lol >__<

the guilty hyena said...

This reminds me of my uni days! deadlines, mini obstacles and pricey ink with a printer from hell.

Good luck with the project! and exam :)

anjj said...

@khush; haha yes it's exactly like that XD and thanks :3

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