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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So I've finally seen Slumdog Millionaire (oh yes, are you proud of me Abeer? XD) and it actually was a really good movie. Even though I'm not a big fan of Indian movies, this one really deserves the Oscars it has won. And while I don't like the whole romance aspect, the ending was the best part of the movie, probably wouldn't be as good without the music though (:


the guilty hyena said...

I find some of the K Movies and Indian movie's to be sometimes similar, they both place importance in family and traditions and different class's of society.

Lately I have watched some good Indian movie's, being a fan of world cinema, and they have certainly improved over the years, with movies such as 3 idiots and Taare Zameen Par, Dev D and Aamir.

My most favourite part of Slumdog Millionaire is the children in the first part of the film, such responsive acting and charisma from them, and A.R Rahman is my favourite composer of music. :)

anjj said...

yes true, the Asian and Indian culture is very similar in some aspects, maybe that's why I can relate to Asians

Oh yes, I have heard about 3 idiots, maybe I should watch more Indian movies, I will definitely try the ones you named (:

yes, I really loved the children as well, their acting was very convincing and touching and I love A.R.Rahman, Latika's Theme is on replay~

scrumptious said...

Yes, Bobby dear, I am very proud haha :D
Slumdog was indeed a good movie, and damn right there had to be a dance/nusic scene somewhere!

anjj said...

yay :D
XD a Indian without dance and/or music is unheard of XDD

&lol I saw there will be a new Indian movie called Fullhouse, from the makers of Bend it like Beckham!! I'm kinda excited to see that one XD it looks kinda funny :3

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