Sunday, August 29, 2010


The GUILTY HYENA said...

Hey Anjj hows uni been going?

anjj said...

Hi khush :)
It's been really busy. But I like it, it's much more fun than I expected it to be :D and how's your job as an internet researcher? :)


The GUILTY HYENA said...

that's great to hear about Fashion School! I've been very busy too with work, just got back home having stayed away for a week. Glad to have my bed back :)

Hope you have a good week! x

anjj said...

Oh, I'm sorry, I think I didn't tell you yet; but I'm not going to Fashion School. I didn't pass the economy test, and I also didn't want to retake it so I'm going to Law School now :)

Haha home sweet home :D where did you went to?

The GUILTY HYENA said...

It's great to hear you're having fun at Law School! My older sister did Law.

Even though I adore clothes fashion, I prefer it being my sideline leisure activity. I don't think I could eat and breathe it at Uni, otherwise it would turn into a chore.

I went to London, it got tiring after a few days, pace of life is quicker there.

anjj said...

Exactly! Fashion should be fun, and everything obligated turns boring for me, so it's good this way :)
I guess Law School is an Indian thing huh ;D

How cool, I love London :)
It is rather quick if you're not there for holidays :o Hope you still had time for fun and did some shopping though ;)

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