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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Passed the first round...

...up to the second!!! :D


the guilty hyena said...

Yay nearly there girl! Have you got one more round to go?

I forget English is your second language, many Dutch people like yourself are very fluent! {:-)

anjj said...

yup :D I have an assignment for the next round and based on that and my portfolio (which I don't even have really... XD) I will get accepted (or rejected)~

haha yeah, I'm glad we learn English from little~
&I guess I should have translated the letter ? but it only says I'm invited for a job preference examination

the guilty hyena said...

No need for translation, having most things said and written in English! is why us English readers are lazy :)

Your Korean language must be good too, having been influenced by it and studied it, What's your mother tongue?

anjj said...

haha what's there to be lazy about ? (:

nooo, my korean is bad, I only know the basics. I didn't really study hard I must say, and I also haven't had the time to pick it up again ):

and my mother tongue is Hindustani (Hindi dialect in Surinam), but I talk dutch to my parents D:

the guilty hyena said...

Just lazy in a sense not adopting other languages. Try to get away with English being universal.

The country Surinam sounds exotic, I never knew Hindi and Dutch was spoken there too. I am well versed with Hindi, being that my mother's tongue is Panjabi and English :)

scrumptious said...

w00t!!! Congratulations Bobby :D
Good luck on the next round, and keep on FIGHTING!

scrumptious said...

and yeah, dude, so not cool. so not cool. I see that 'yoobeer' >_>

anjj said...

hahahah lmao you see that just now ?! XDD <33
and thanks <333

@khush: haha I guess that is true, but still, English really is a universal language :D

yes, Surinam is exotic (: and multicultural!! There are many ethic groups living in Surinam; Javanese, Indian, African, Chinese and native Indian, lately there have been many Brazilian, Dutch and American immigrants as well ^^
and wow, so you are (part?) Indian too? I didn't knew

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